Boursin® Velvety scoops The Grocer New Product of the Year Award*

‘Utterly delicious, fluffy light and airy’ was the verdict of the judges on new Boursin Velvety, the Cheese category winner, at The Grocer ‘New Product of the Year Awards’ last month.

Boursin Velvety, the deliciously dippable cheese in a tub, was certainly put through its paces, beating off stiff competition to win the award.

This irresistible cheese was first subjected to a consumer panel of judges, who tested it in ‘real-life’ situations in 50 homes in 6 different locations across Great Britain.  Consumers gave it a firm ‘thumbs up’ and so further expert testing took place, in professional kitchens in London.  Finally, the ‘high quality ‘product was declared the winner of the prestigious ‘Grocer New Product of the Year’ (Cheese Category).

It’s no surprise that Boursin Velvety is a real winner.  It retains all the tantalising and unique taste of original Boursin Garlic and Herbs, but is deliciously whipped to give that airy texture the judges so loved: and it’s packaged in a convenient resealable tub, specially designed to preserve its fresh and indulgent taste.  Just right for spreading on crusty bread or diving into with breadsticks or veggie-sticks, smoothing onto crackers or stirring into sauces: it’s a truly versatile addition to your fridge.

Don’t delay, try some today! You can find Boursin Velvety Garlic & Herbs 125g tubs at Tesco, Asda, Waitrose Ocado & Amazon.

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*Cheese Category