At a Glance Our Culture

- You know our brands, Mini Babybel®, Boursin®, The Laughing Cow®, Port Salut®, and Nurishh®. Each of our brands is special, and so are the people who create them. We believe that these people come first, and this belief begins with the values our parent company.

Bel Team
We’re a company of team players, leading though encouragement and inspiring each other to do our best work. New ideas are always welcome, no matter the person’s position in the organisation. In a company where enthusiasm is considered a performance factor, it is the personalities of our employees that make the difference.

We’re committed to offering our employees a motivating workplace, where everybody contributes their skills and can see the impact of their contributions. We recognize that progress can only be made by learning from our mistakes and encourage initiative and decisiveness.

We encourage our team to cultivate excellence, agility and risk-taking. Our values — Care, Dare, Commit – unite our people around a motivating enterprise project built on innovation, societal engagement, transformation, and team development.


We encourage big ambition on an individual scale and offer people the chance to take part in our adventure, without giving up on their aspirations.

Our UK headquarters is in Kent, our parent company is in France, and we have dozens of offices spanning four continents. Working at Bel means being a citizen of the World. Our team enjoy connecting with people across borders, from varying backgrounds with unique viewpoints. And if moving abroad for a new professional experience is part of your plans, then we’d love to facilitate this for you!

We believe that our people are what set us apart. Each member of the Bel family isn’t simply another employee—they’re a name, a face, and a personality. High employee engagement is key, and we make sure that each and every person feels valued, encouraged, and supported.

Bel Coach Outing
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