Leerdammer® launches pioneering Free-Grazing Promise

Leerdammer is pioneering an innovative ‘Free-Grazing Promise’ as part of the brand’s commitment to sustainable farming.

Every single slice of delicious Leerdammer® cheese is made from the milk from cows which have been outside grazing in the fields and enjoying the fresh air: from spring to autumn they’re outside for at least 6 hours every day, 120 days a year.  That is the Leerdammer Free-Grazing Promise.   (The Dutch climate doesn’t permit all year-round grazing as the winters can be freezing cold and summers extremely hot – and neither are good for the cows.  So, for the rest of the year, it’s simply better for them to stay indoors in cow-sheds).

The Free-Grazing Promise has been developed under guidance from the Netherlands ‘Grazing Foundation. (Stichting Weidegang).

Free-grazing is fantastic for the well-being of the cows but brings additional, sustainable farming benefits too; for example, it helps with natural seed germination and improves the species composition of plants (through trampling of the seeds).  It does require the farmers themselves to go the extra mile, and for this they are paid a ‘pasture milk premium’, and also have access to an extensive network of technical and expert support from the Bel Group, Leerdammer’s parent company.

The brand’s bold commitment is displayed prominently on all packs of Leerdammer and Leerdammer Light, and the brand has a new advert all about it:   Filmed on a real Leerdammer Farm, the ad brings to life the ‘Taste Uniquely Leerdammer’ platform. From the quality of ingredients to the Free Grazing Cows the creative captures the brand story in a way that truly encapsulates the distinct yet delightful Dutch spirit.

Learn more about the Bel Group’s approach to sustainable dairy farming here.