Our nutrition charter is expressed in the five pink circles. Click below for more information on each aspect of our charter.

We offer our major brands in individual portions format.  Since 1921 portions have formed the cornerstone of our brands. They account for 80% of our business, and offer our consumers the chance to enjoy cheeses in a convenient way. Increasingly, scientific evidence highlights the benefits of portion control in maintaining a healthy and balanced diet.

  • A portion of Bel cheese is equivalent to a portion of dairy products, for all ages
  • Individual portions of cheese serve as a rule of thumb to help consumers assess the right quantity of cheese
  • Individual portions of cheese help people control the quantities they eat
  • Individual portions of cheese help mothers give their children the right quantity of cheese, as per recommendations
  • Individual portions of cheese help children become more independent
  • Individual portions of cheese are fun and encourage children to eat cheese
  • Individual portions of cheese help people working in collective catering to observe portion size recommendations
  • Individual portions of cheese are a healthy alternative to snacks
  • The size of Bel portions are suited to the markets in which they are commercialized
  • Sizes of Bel portions have not increased over times
  • The portion-size/shelf-life ratio does not encourage over-eating
  • Individual portions of cheese are fun and encourage children to eat cheese

We are pioneers of lighter cheese whilst never sacrificing on taste. Over 1/3 of our business is in lighter cheese and all our major brands offer lighter options. We will continue to actively build this range further through innovation and communication. To find out more about the latest additions to our light ranges and the depth and breadth of formats, flavours and different fat contents available

We continuously improve our recipes to meet our consumer needs. We have priority development projects with targets on additive reduction, salt reduction and product improvement.

In the UK we are supported by an independent advisory panel of leaders in nutrition whose guidance helps us. All over the world, our parent company the Bel Group works with leaders and nutritionists to help educate and inform on all aspects of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

Our Nutritional Advisory Panel comprises a select group of experts recognised in their respective fields, but also firmly rooted in the community which we serve.  Our panel comprises academics, communicators and members of the medical profession. We meet at least twice a year to help us understand the issues facing our society in the best possible way.

We aim to always be transparent and accessible. We are continually looking to improve the ways in which we engage with our consumers and provide information which is helpful, meaningful, consistent and easy to find. We have a free Careline to answer consumer queries and aim to continually upgrade our information and responsiveness. We will always act with integrity and transparency in all our communications. To learn about the different ways to contact us click here.