About Bel Group

The Bel Group is famed for its iconic brands which are trusted by around 400 million consumers across the globe.


Bel is  the world specialist in single serving cheese portions, but also operates in fruit snacking in Europe and the USA, thanks to the acquisition of the MOM Group.

Worth Knowing

Bel brands are number 1 in 25 countries across the world.

Manufacturing know?how

Bel’s manufacturing facilities are unique, thanks to many years of investment and development expertise.

Did you know?

Bel’s particular manufacturing specialism is in the field of miniaturisation, as evidenced by products such as Mini Babybel.  Bel makes its cheeses at 30 production sites around the world, and applies stringent criteria  for food quality and safety everywhere.  Across the globe, more than 8000 people work for the Group’s manufacturing functions, contributing technical expertise, cheese moulding know-how and a strong sense of doing the job right.

Global and local roots

Bel’s iconic brands appeal to families the world over. They are the most international brands to be found in the cheese sector.

Did you know?

Bel has 5 core international brands: Babybel, The Laughing Cow, Nurishh, Boursin & Kiri. Bel expanded into international markets very early on, with its first foreign subsidiary established in the UK in 1929, followed by Belgium in 1933.


Innovation is a cornerstone of the Bel Group’s development, and permeates every aspect of what we do.  The Group’s ability to innovate cuts across all areas of its activity.

Did you know?

Apericube is the fruit of a manufacturing innovation – miniaturization. Only Bel knows how to produce those famous small cheese cubes designed for aperitif time.

Family business

A family Group founded in 1865. Bel is over 70%-owned by the family holding company, Unibel, and members of the Bel Fiévet family.


Family governance, a factor of confidence and strength highlights the contribution of Bel’s 12,700 employees, and encourages entrepreneurship, autonomy and development. Bel CEO Antoine Fiévet represents the fifth generation of family managers.


Bel places ‘responsibility’ at the heart of all it does, from the manner in which we look after the cows that provide the milk, to the way in which we communicate to our consumers about our products.

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‘We care in every portion’ is the central tenet of Bel’s corporate responsibility programme, which covers sustainable farming, caring nutrition, our environmental footprint and individuals’ well-being.