Nutritional Benefits of The Laughing Cow Nutrient Fortified

As knowledge of the nutrient requirements of older, inactive people in residential care has increased, so has the understanding of the best ways to fortify the diet of this vulnerable group. And it is not about simply loading with products that are high in unhealthy saturated fat such as butter and cream.

Healthy Eating is vital at any age or life-stage, and this includes those in Care. Continuing to lead a healthy life and minimising risk of disease including heart disease is vital at any age*. (Public Health England Feb 2017)

Building up malnourished residents and those with small appetites should be built through both high energy and high protein and other key nutrients.

The Laughing Cow Nutrient Fortified offers the following nutritional benefits:

The Laughing Cow Nutrient Fortified

Per 40g Serving
Rich in Protein – vital for building muscle mass 4.8g
Rich in Calcium 496mg / 62% Ref Intake
Rich in Vitamin D 5.0 ug / 100% Ref Intake
Fat 5.2g
Of which Saturated Fat 3.4g

Public Health England – Healthier & More Sustainable Catering – A toolkit for serving food to older people in residential care – Feb 17:

“Those with higher energy requirements should be provided with a diet higher in energy but lower in saturated fat.
PHE advocates a healthy food experience for all, regardless of age, including those who are undernourished…. … without relying heavily on products that are high in saturated fat to promote weight gain.”

“People who are seldom outdoors such as frail or housebound individuals and those who are confined indoors eg in institutions such as care homes.. ..should have a supplement of 10ug Vitamin D throughout the year.