The Laughing Cow’s® new ‘Snack Like Every You’ Campaign

The Laughing Cow ‘s new ‘Snack Like Every You’ Campaign: shows clearly how The Laughing Cow cheese snacks are ultra-versatile to fit around the different moods and moments in your day.

Modern life is hectic and we all have to juggle multiple roles – at home, at work, as a parent or a friend – and the way we’re feeling changes all the time, day by day, hour by hour even.   The new campaign ‘Snack Like Every You’ explains that The Laughing Cow understands that, hence the versatile snack which can work to fit every mood you feel in a day – no rules, no judgement.  So now we can all snack the way we want, however we feel. . You can just snack like every  you…. whichever ‘you’ you choose to be!

The ‘Snack Like Every You’ campaign presents 5 scenarios illustrating different mindsets, in a humorous but highly empathetic way.  It shows how the Laughing Cow combines well with so many different things to make the perfect snack; there are little snack suggestions for however you feel – stressed or calm, busy or chilled: ‘Just got back from work and famished?’, for example, and  The Laughing Cow suggests  a scrumptious snack of a hunk of fresh bread, spread with The Laughing Cow Original triangles and topped with a little pastrami and a gherkin, for a yummy snack that will keep you going until dinner time. # Snacklikethehangryyou.

Ads air on You Tube, Facebook and Instagram until the end of March, with mini ‘recipes’ for your different moods on the website   # Snack Like You

The Laughing Cow range is available in a wide variety of formats for snacking and spreading to suit every mood and occasion: There are 5 different variants of Laughing in roundboxes (including  The Laughing Cow  Light with Blue cheese , and The Laughing Cow  Extra Light) as well as new tubs – perfect for diving into with breadsticks, and sharing with friends:  for when you’re out and about there’s Dip & Crunch – practical, convenient, individually portioned portable snacks with smooth creamy The Laughing Cow cheese and crunchy breadsticks.  Try some today!

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